Tips on Cleaning an Office and Getting Organized

In order to work more efficiently, it is very important to have a clean and organized office space. Accomplishing daily tasks will become much easier when there is a place for everything and all items are kept in their place. Having an organized office makes your daily work less complicated and provides a more efficient workplace for you. A messy office or an unorganized desk makes a bad impression on clients as well as your boss, being organized in the office reflects on your personality and ability to do your work. So, cleaning the office is the first step to making your work life more professional.

When starting to organize your office, initially take a look at all those areas which are used most frequently and appear unorganized. Especially, take a look at your desk. Think about how to make the desk more efficient to work on. The items you need access to most often should be placed nearest to the desk. If the filing cabinets can be easily moved under a work table then do so and try to have the work table within easy reach of your desk.

If the photo copier, fax and phone are taking up a lot of space, then think about buying an all-in-one machine. This option is affordable if you do some price comparisons or wait until there is a sale. Get a coat tree/rack and place it near the door. Bookcases should be used for books, manuals, curios, etc. Books should be either stored on a high shelf if they will not be needed in the near future, or if you see no future use for them disposed of them. Those books that will be used most frequently should be placed at eye level or below.

Cleaning an office desk is a tough job for some, but don’t think that you have to do it all in one day. By reading office catalogues and magazines you will often get ideas as to how others organize their desks effectively and also get ideas on filing and storage options to help you maintain the efficiency. Usually, paperwork on your desk creates a lot of clutter, but the use of in and out baskets will keep them organized and at your fingertips. Don’t limit yourself to just those two baskets, the more you can categorize and file those papers the better. No longer will you have to search through the stack of papers to find that one page that you need right now.

You should have only those things which are used often at hand and those items should be placed within easy reach. Pens, pencils, writing tablets should be close, preferably in a drawer or a bin. Since most computers have a calendar and appointment schedule, consider whether or not you need an appointment book taking up space on your desk. Clearing paperwork and placing it in baskets and using cabinets and bookshelves only requires about ten minutes a day. Making this a routine practice will help you maintain a clean and organized office.

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